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Application For Water Connection

Water Connection

  • Application Form
  • Documents Checklist
    • The following documents should be kept ready and submitted along with the duly filled up application form of Water Connection.
      • Editable application form (Adhesive stamp of Rs. 300)
      • Copy of Offer cum Allotment letter
      • If Chemical Unit – Copy of GPCB NOC
      • Copy of Approved Building Plan (Not Mandatory)
      • Copy of Licence Agreement
      • Possession Receipt and / OR Final Transfer Order (Mandatory)
      • Final Plot Utilisation Extension Order if Moratorium period is over on day of application.

    Note : If necessary, GIDC will ask the applicant to submit other necessary documents to process the application.

  • Scrutiny Procedure

    The following verification is carried out by GIDC before providing approval and connection to applicant

    • If building plan is approved. OPTIONAL
    • Permanent W/S connection.
    • Whether quantity applied for same in License Agreement and Application.
    • If difference, then what is the reason (A query may be raised to the applicant in such case).
    • Scrutiny of NOC from GPCB and GPCB Application.
    • Connection from roads other than front facing road.
    • Verify that water supply connection can be given from the existing supply line from the facing road at distance.
    • Whether sufficient water harvesting arrangement made by applicant.
    • Visits the site and fix the location of water metre chamber, verify the free fall arrangements in water reservoirs or at places of use, proper drainage arrangement.
    • Provides schematic diagram of connection from water supply mains to connection chamber, and calculation of water connection charges, deposits, contribution charges to applicant.

Note : Ideal time for processing a Water Connection application without any queries post physical submission of application form and required documents at respective DEE office is as below.

No. Process Ideal time
1 Providing approval for connection 10 days from date of application
2 Providing physical connection on site Max 20 days from date of approval application (Provided all the formalities are completed by the Allottee)
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