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Notified Areas

  • To afford a forum for Local-self Government of Industrialists.
  • To avoid the issue of Multiple taxation on Industries (Such as Tax & Octroi of Panchayats and Service charges of Corporation)
  • To avoid the- issue of multiple jurisdiction of one or more Panchayats.
  • Levy & recovery of tax as fixed by the Government
  • Maintenance of Infrastructure i.e. Road, SWD, Street Lights and water supply
  • Maintenance of Accounts
  • Registration of Birth-Death and Marriage records
  • Any other work to be carried out under Guj. Muni. Act, 1963

Notified Area

Sr. No. Name of Distrct/Estates Area in Hectatres Notification Date for Declaring the area as Notified Area
1 V.U.Nagar 125.00 06-05-'75
2 Vasana(Borsad) 19.00 23-09-'98
3 Nandesari 230.00 06-05-'75
4 P.C.C. Baroda * 1345.00 06-05-'75
5 G.S.F.C. (Baroda) * 323.00 21-08-'87
6 Waghodia 338.00 28-06-'98
7 Por - Ramangamdi 134.63 4/1/2001
8 Kalol(Panchmahal) 71.83 7/9/1993
9 Ankleshwar 1072.00 1/2/1978
10 Bharuch 557.00 19-09-'85
11 Valla - (GNFC) 295.67 06-09-'93
12 Panoli 1053.00 10-09-'98
13 Jhagadia 1838.98 20-01'11
14 Sachin 703.87 07-09-'93
15 Hazira * 5267.05 30-01-'97
16 valsad 108.00 06-05-'75
17 Umbergam 197.00 06-05-'75
18 Vapi 939.00 06-05-'75
19 Sarigam 509.00 05-05-'97
20 Kalol(NG) 55.30 07-09-'93
21 Chhatral 188.99 06-09-'93
22 GSFC Motikhavdi - Sikka Project * 264.00 03-11-'98
23 Reliance Complex Motikhavdi * 2388.00 08-09-'08

      (1) - GIDC Notified areas Declared
** (2) - Private Notified area declared

  • Sharing of revenues with Panchayats
    • Through a GR dated 29.01.1999 issued by the I & M Department, 33% of consolidated tax recovered by Notified Area was given to DRDA for development works of villages whose lands were acquired for the Notified Area.
    • Accordingly, from 1998-99 to 2009-10, Rs. 79.53 Crore given to DRDA for development works in such villages.
    • Recently, GOG has revised the above policy wide its GR dated 26-6-2013. Accordingly, a committee under the Chairmanship of  District Collector is to be constituted. The development works of the villages whose land has been Acquired Of Notified Area  would be decided and undertaken by the said Committee..
  • Activities of Notified Area
    • Levy & recovery of tax as fixed by the Government
    • Maintenance of Infrastructure i.e. Road, SWD, Street Lights and water supply
    • Maintenance of Accounts
    • Registration of Birth-Death and Marriage records
    • Any other work to be carried out under Guj. Muni. Act, 1963

Board of Management shall consist of

  • Maximum three members, not below the rank of managerial cadre from the unit concerned
  • Maximum two officers, nominated by the Corporation. One Officer to function as Chief Officer

Each non - Governmental member

  • Must have an industry in that notified area, or
  • Must hold a senior management position in the industry situated in the notified area for a period not less than three years, or
  • Must be a resident of that notified area;
  • Must not be a defaulter
  • Must not have been sentenced to jail for any criminal offence.
  • BoM shall perform
    • In accordance with the provisions of the Guj. Muni. Act, 1963 so extended to Notified Areas
    • As per directives of the Government, Corporation and  Director of Notified Areas - For maintaining transparency in the Management of the affairs of NA and  providing cost effective administration to the Notified Area
  • Meeting of BoM
    • Meeting of the BoM shall meet at least once in a Month to take the decision on the agenda placed by Chief Officer, to review the progress of works of NA and to suggest priority of works and to give administrative approval of new works to be undertaken in NA.
    • QUORUM - No business shall be transacted at any meeting of BoM unless at least five members are present thereat.
  • Basic Functions of BoM are
    • To give Administrative Approval of engineering works like Constructions of Road, SWD and Street Lights in NA
    • Approval of annual budget - BoM may approve the Budget submitted by Chief Officer with or without modification by the end of February of each year.
    • Discretionary functions etc. (Under section 91 of GUjarat Municipalities Act, 1963) for the public welfare from its funds without adversely affecting the essential services, by levying additional tax or service charges or any charges, from the surplus funds, if any.
  • Other Functions of BoM are
    • Construction and maintenance of roads, public streets, culverts, municipal boundary marks, markets, slaughterhouse, privies, drains, sewers, drainage works, sewerage works, etc.,
    • Construction and maintenance of water works and adequate water supply to the residential, industrial and commercial units as and when this function is transferred by the Corporation to the notified area,
    • Construction and maintenance of storm water drains,
    • Lighting public streetlights, places and buildings and their maintenance,
    • Cleansing of public streets, sewers, collection, transportation and disposal and removing of solid waste, night soil and noxious vegetation,
    • Passing of building plans and revising town planning within the limits of  NA as per the law relating to town planning.
    • Construction and maintenance of public latrines and urinals.
    • Removing obstructions and projections in public streets or places
Sr No. Subject Download
1 Ankleshwar view
2 Bharuch view
3 GSFC Motikhavdi view
4 Jamnagar Reliance Complex view
5 Jhagadia view
6 Kalol ( NG) view
7 Kalol(PMS) view
8 Nandesari view
9 Palej view
10 Panoli view
11 Petro Chemical Complex (P.C.C.) view
12 Por Ramangamdi view
13 Sachin view
14 Sarigam view
15 V U Nagar view
16 Valsad (Gundlav) view
17 Vapi view
18 Vasana Borsad view
19 Waghodia view
અનુ નં. વિષય ઉદ્યોગ અને ખાણ વિભાગમાં મોકલ્યા તારીખ
તા.૦૧/૦૨/૨૦૧૬ ના પત્રથી સરકારશ્રીની સુચના મુજબ નિગમ દ્વારા નિમણુક આપેલ કમિટીમાં સ્થાનિક વસાહત મંડળના બે પ્રતિનિધીઓની નિગમ દ્વારા નિમણુક કરવાનો હુકમ કરવામાં આવેલ. ૦૧/૦૨/૨૦૧૬
નિગમના નીર્દિષ્ટ વિસ્તારમાં આવેલ બોર્ડ ઓફ મેનેજમેન્ટના સભ્યોની નિમણુક બાબત (સભ્યોના નામની દરખાસ્ત ) ૦૭/૧૧/૨૦૧૪
નિગમના નીર્દિષ્ટ વિસ્તારના નિયમો - ૨૦૦૭માં બોર્ડ ઓફ મેનેજમેન્ટની રચનામાં કલમ-૩(ઘ) અને (જ) તથા કલમ -૪ (૩) અને ૪. મુજબ સુધારો કરવા બાબત. ૨૯/૦૪/૨૦૧૫
જિઆઈડીસી વિલાયત નીર્દિષ્ટ વિસ્તારમાં સંકલિત કરવેરાના ડ્રાફ્ટ નોટીફિકેશન ૨૪/૦૪/૨૦૧૪
નીર્દિષ્ટ વિસ્તારમાં વસુલ લેવાતા સંકલિત વેરાના નિયમોના સુધારો કરવા બાબત, (વ્યાજ માફીની યોજના માટે) ૧૭/૧૨/૨૦૦૯
નિગમની વસાહતોને ઓધોયોગિક વિસ્તાર તરીકે જાહેર કરતી વેળાએ નક્કી કરતી વેળાએ ૫૦૦ માણસની વસ્તીનો માપદંડ કમી કરવા માટે તથા સંબોધિત કલેકટરશ્રીના "ના વાંધા પ્રમણપત્રક" મેળાવવામાંથી મુક્તિ અપાવવા ૨૭/૦૬/૨૦૦૬
લોધિકા નિર્દિષ્ટ વિસ્તારને ડી-નોટીફાય કરવા બાબત ૨૦/૦૮/૨૦૧૬
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