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Plinth Check

  • Application
    • GIDC has mandated self-Certifications (to be signed by authorized architect) for Plinth check* (During Construction) with a circular dated 20-05-2017.
    • However, GIDC may verify the uploaded information. The details about scrutiny procedure and instructions are mentioned as below:
      • The following scrutiny will be conducted by GIDC during site verification:
        • Check-I; If allottee has constructed the building up to plinth level in accordance to the approved plan
        • Check-II: If variations are noticed then, what is the area of unauthorized construction (Viloative & Non-violative nature of construction)
      • Instructions:
        • A certificate should be signed only by the authorized architects and uploaded back on the portal along with the scrutiny fees as applicable
        • The fees for obtaining plinth checking certificate will be charged at Rs. 2 per square metre of the constructed built up area subject to the minimum payment of Rs. 100 shall be paid by the allottee at the time of uploading the signed self-certification.
        • Self-certification is the sole responsibility of architect if any misconduct found during verification than the architect will be black listed by the GIDC for three (3) years.
        • *Please note that plinth check is not a mandatory document/permission issued by GIDC.

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