Plinth Check

  • Application
    • To Download Application Form for obtaining Plinth Check Certificate please click on the following link    Download Application Form
  • Instructions & Scrutiny Procedure
    • When the construction reaches up to the plinth level, the allottee shall apply in advance by one week in the prescribed application form for obtaining plinth checking certificate from the Executive Engineer with a copy to Dy. Executive Engineer. On receipt of the intimation from the allottee, Dy. Executive Engineer shall plan for the plinth checking and report to executive Engineer, so that “Plinth Checking Certificate” is issued to the allottee maximum within 30 days after receipt of the intimation.
    • Plinth check certificate will be issued by the Executive Engineer within prescribed time limit on receipt of recommendation from the Dy. Executive Engineer. The super structure work shall not be carried out without obtaining plinth checking certificate and consequences thereupon shall be totally the responsibility of the allottee.
    • The fees for obtaining plinth checking certificate will be charged at Rs. 2 per square metre of the constructed built up area subject to the minimum payment of Rs. 100 shall be paid by the allottee in advance along with the request application for obtaining Plinth Check Certificate.

After application request is submitted along with required documents, GIDC will conduct site verification

The following scrutiny is conducted

  • Allottee has constructed the building upto plinth level in accordance to the approved plan
  • If variations are noticed then, what is the area of unauthorized construction (Viloative & Non-violative nature of construction)

Note : Ideal time for processing a Plinth Check Certificate application without any queries post physical submission of application form at respective DEE office is as below.

Process Ideal time
Providing Plinth Check Certificate 30 days from date of application (subject to compliance from allottee)

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