Application for Land

  • Instructions For Application & Checklist
    • Application for allotment of properties in GIDC estates is accepted online. For detailed information on Particulars of Allotment, Checklist of Documents to be submitted along with the application and other important terms & conditions please click on the following link.    Click Here
    • For information on How to Apply please click on the following link    Click Here
  • For information on evaluation criteria based on which land allotment application will be graded - Click Here
  • Application Form
    • Please click on the link for Online Application    Click Here
    • Please read the terms and conditions give on the page carefully before applying for allotment.
    • You will have to agree to these terms and conditions by clicking on the check box which you will find at the bottom of the page which opens with the given link.
    • Only after you have clicked on the check box, the link for online application will activate.
    • After clicking on Online Application link you can Search for a property/properties.
    • You will need to first register on the portal to make an Online Application.
    • The applicant has to submit the print out of the system generated application and acknowledgement receipt along with all necessary documents, either personally or through Registered post to the office of concerned Regional Manager within 30 days from the date of applying online.
    • The documents can be handed over personally to the concerned regional office within 30 days from the date of application or it can be sent through Registered Post in such a manner that it should reach concerned Regional Office within 30 days from the date of application.
    • If above mentioned documents are not received within prescribed time limit then application stands cancelled.
    • The applicants shall not be allowed to vary from the details submitted by him/her online. No change shall be allowed in the details once it is submitted online or at the time of submitting the documents.
    • Scrutiny Procedure

        Timeline : Ideal time for processing Allotment application without any queries is 75 days post physical submission of documents at respective GIDC RM office. An application with query will take more days depending on the time taken by the applicant to furnish required documents/details.

      • An application will be considered complete after the applicant submits the physical copies of application and required documents.
      • After submission, a Priority Number will be assigned to the application based on the date on which the online application had been filed.
      • Preliminary Screening Committee at GIDC field office will thoroughly evaluate the application along with the documents submitted and based on the scrutiny will forward the application to the Screening Committee instituted at Head Office, GIDC
      • If necessary GIDC will ask for additional documents from the applicant.
      • The Screening Committee at HO will further scrutinize the application and determine the possibility of allotment to the applicant. The Committee may also hold a meeting with the applicant to discuss the details of the proposed unit based on priority number.
      • Allotment meetings are held on a regular basis at GIDC Head Office and applicants are called by the Screening Committee as per priority numbers to present details of their proposed unit, based on which the final decision of allotment is taken.

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